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Our 100% Solar Savings Insurance is the first of its kind in Southern Africa



How does it work?


When you install rooftop solar technology with Synthesis, you sign a contract that projects and calculates exactly how much money you will save over time.


However, Solar being what it is, adverse weather conditions, maintenance and even accidental damage (like hail) can affect these projected savings, no matter how scientifically sound the calculations have been.


Of course, within any business, interrupted or inflated electricity costs can prove disastrous.That’s why we take out our own, unique Solar Savings Insurance – underwritten by a leading international re-insurer.


So, when we say that your savings are guaranteed, we mean that they’re guaranteed.  And our insurance is All Risk, covering any other incurred costs as well.


So with Synthesis, you are exposed to zero risk.


To find out more, contact us and we’ll explain how we do it.


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