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November 25, 2017

Tips on how to save electricity

It is a fact that the cheapest unit of electricity is the one that is never used! Therefore, the best way to reduce your electricity bill is to use less (obviously!!). The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to change your and your family’s behaviour. Some simple and free tips include:

  1. Know how much electricity you are using – read your electricity meter and keep track of it – maybe have a family challenge every month to see how low you can get your electricity use.
  2. Turn off lights when you don’t need them.
  3. Turn off appliances when you are not using them. TVs, radios, heaters, air conditioners, humidifiers etc often provide services to empty rooms!
  4. Dress appropriately and minimise the amount of heating and cooling you use. In winter close doors and curtains to keep warmth in rooms. In summer open windows and doors to let heat escape.
  5. Turn off plugs which are not in use. Today with the plethora of charging devices plugged in, we find that stealth energy consumption is on the increase – and even though it is small per charger – it all adds up.
  6. Turn off PCs, TVs etc when not in use. Like chargers, even appliances in standby mode use electricity.
  7. Only use the electricity you need to use. If you have an electric stove turn off plates and ovens towards the end of cooking time and use the residual heat to finish off the cooking. Don’t leave cooker plates to heat up for a long time before using them.
  8. Use the cold-water cycle on your washing machine. Modern detergents are designed for cold water washing.
  9. Turn down your water heater (geyser) to avoid having to add cold water to it. (why heat up water just to cool it down again by mixing it with cold water?) 45 – 50 degrees is generally more than enough.
  10. Minimise the time of timed items like pool pumps or lights on timers. Reduce pool pump times in winter.