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Savings Through The Roof

For most businesses, the main questions about Solar Energy are always:
How much does the installation cost? How much money will I save? And how reliable is it?


Zero installation costs.

The biggest cost of a rooftop solar system is the installation. At Synthesis, we take care of that cost by financing the entire construction and building the cost into our savings model. That means zero upfront capital investment. Since we effectively own the utility, you merely pay us a unique service fee over the contracted period.


Impressive compound savings.

Solar efficiencies can only be estimated based on historical, regional weather data. However, our highly experienced team can predict (surprisingly accurately) how much photovoltaic energy will be generated over time and – more importantly – how much money we can save, compared to the same period, powered by the municipal or national utility.


Savings guaranteed.

We are also able to fix our solar price increases, thus allowing for better budgeting.

So, we don’t just estimate your savings. We guarantee them. And, for your peace of mind, we insure those savings with our own all-risk, solar savings insurance plan, underwritten by an international re-insurer.


We offer two proposal options:


Option 1: Synthesis SolarSave 

With Synthesis SolarSave, Synthesis finances, installs and operates the solar PV system. Synthesis presents a guaranteed Rand/kilowatt tariff, based on energy consumed from the installed solar PV plant. The deal is structured through a service level agreement between the parties. The term of the agreement is typically 25 years and the tariff increases annually at CPI. An early exit fee applies if the client wishes to terminate the agreement before the expiry of the 25-year term. Synthesis leases the rooftop from the client for a nominal fee.


SolarSave delivers the following benefits:

Consistency/security of price

An estimated tariff discount

Estimated savings over the full period

No additional maintenance or running costs once installed

A net benefit of the solar energy produced

Increasing valuation of the building

Tax incentives



Option 2: Synthesis SolarTenant 

With Synthesis SolarTenant, Synthesis leases the rooftop space from the client. This may include taking over the client’s full energy management at the bulk meter. Synthesis finances, installs and operates the solar PV system and pays the client a set roof rental. The client pays Synthesis for the power it consumes from the PV system, at the same tariff as Eskom is/would be charging. The term of the agreement is 25 years and the rooftop rental increases annually at CPI.


SolarTenant delivers the following benefits:

An accurately estimated roof rental over the full period

No additional maintenance or running costs once installed

A net benefit of the solar energy produced

Increasing valuation of the building

Tax incentives.



But we offer much more:


The Benefits of Energy Management

Through our utility management partnership, we are able to manage, report on, and facilitate solar transactions between the municipalities and our clients, whilst actively managing their solar savings.


One of the most experienced Energy Teams in South Africa

By partnering with Synthesis, you enter into a relationship with some of the smartest minds in the clean energy industry. As long-term partners, we will constantly introduce industry-leading technology. We build these energy relationships with an understanding that we are in them for up to twenty-five years!


Maximise your social and economic returns.

As a socially responsible company, working with Synthesis will contribute to the development of a viable renewables industry in South Africa and the communities in which we operate. In addition, your solar installation will substantially reduce your carbon, water and overall pollution footprint through displacing coal based energy.