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The world of energy is changing rapidly.


In South Africa, we have the added problem of an ageing national power utility, demanding higher and higher tariffs, while delivering less-than-reliable, harmful, fossil-burning energy. With these commercial and environmental risks, many South African businesses are seeking to invest in cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable plans for the future. Solar energy has become an obvious solution.


At Synthesis, we embrace this opportunity with a particular view:

Energy is not a plug-and-play business. It is a strategic, long-term commitment to adopting and adapting to the technologies that will ultimately deliver a more efficient, cleaner and smarter energy future. For that reason, we do not secure final contracts with our clients until we thoroughly understand their businesses, energy requirements, and long-term goals.


We propose a solar solution, not a function.


We design and build these solutions through highly effective models for forecasting estimates over periods up to twenty-five years. (Our Insurance protects Synthesis from any losses and guarantee’s up to 90% of our power output.) That way, we can offer cost-effective electricity, with a predictable price trajectory while reducing exposure to the volatility of Eskom price increases and potential capacity constraints in the future. We define our solutions as ‘Service Level Agreements’ (rather than Lease Agreements) which allows them to be completely off-balance sheet, so that you can treat the contract as a monthly OPEX cost. Post-installation, our services include full operations and maintenance, integration with current systems, analysis and tracking of generation, and savings.


Furthermore, we acknowledge that the solar industry is changing and improving almost daily. That’s why we structure our relationship like ongoing consultants, long after the electricity begins to flow (and the savings start to amass), so that we can reshape and improve the systems as the opportunities present themselves.


Like business partners.

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